It’s only the 2nd day of VeeCon and things were off to a great start. Moments ago, the first-ever wedding proposal on VeeCon just took place on its mainstage! A VeeFriend enthusiast @paul_heyne popped the question to his girlfriend @taymenz7, under the witness of a cheering crowd.

The first wedding proposal on VeeCon mainstage just happened.
So, did she say “Yes”? Source: @K_Birkwood.

The first-ever wedding proposal on VeeCon’s mainstage: How did it go??

While giving his speech on VeeCon’s mainstage, @paul_heyne described how his girlfriend quit her job to nurse him back to health for 3 months long. “You will always be there for me and twice as much when I needed it the most…and I want to be your best friend forever,” Paul told @taymenz7 before going down on one knee with the wedding ring, popping the question.

Needless to say, the girl said Yes! What’s more, Gary Vee, the host of VeeCon dashed up to the mainstage to celebrate the unforgettable moment with the beautiful couple. Crowds were cheering and we at NFTevening couldn’t be happier for the sweet couple.

After the event, the couple posted a video on Twitter, thanking Gary Vee and everyone who helped make the proposal possible on the mainstage of VeeCon. Well, guess what? Gary’s been invited to their wedding too!

Meet Paul and Taymenz!
Meet Taymenz (left) and Paul (right)! Source: @taymenz7.

What’s VeeCon 2022?

Finally to those who don’t know, VeeCon 2022 is one of the biggest annual NFT events in the space. The event will run for 4 days at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota starting from May 19th.

Given that, Gary Vee and his VeeFriends NFT collection are hosting the event. And those who attend VeeCon will get the chance to hear from Web3 leaders and even celebs like Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg on the mainstage!

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