Ever wondered about launching your digital products into the metaverse, just to find yourself being put off by tedious Web3 stuff like smart contracts? Fret not. Meet NFT2Metaverse (N2M), the go-to marketplace for all things metaverse in the making.

Besides doing all the heavy lifting for product designers in the metaverse, N2M offers generous rewards to its early investors too. Let’s read on to find out how.

NFT2Metaverse NFTs.
Plenty of earning potential for N2M NFT holders. Credit: NFT2Metaverse.

What is NFT2Metaverse?

In essence, NFT2Metaverse (N2M) aims to be the marketplace for the metaverse. Essentially, the platform will provide a one-stop solution for designers to market their digital products in the virtual world. In short, that means they help to set up smart contracts, minting, and generally handle the entire web3 selling process. Accordingly, it will only take a few clicks for designers to bring their NFTs to the metaverse.

When will NFT2Metaverse drop?

NFT2Metaverse will kick-start a trial month starting in 2023. In the first month, designers will have the chance to use the platform for free! Plus, they will also get to keep all of their royalties. During this time, N2M will also onboard 10,000 designers. Tim Bakker, their head designer, will also join the N2M Platform.

From the second month, NFT2Metaverse will take a 10% cut out of every NFT sale. The rest of the proceeds will go to the designers. Apparently, designers will only need to pay a monthly fee of $99 to use the N2M platform. However, N2M NFT holders can actually earn from the platform too!

NFT2Metaverse NFTs.
Would you pick a Teddy, a Scully, or a Komody? Credit: NFT2Metaverse.

Enter NFT2Metaverse NFTs

To begin with, NFT2Metaverse will drop an NFT collection of 9,999 unique PFP avatars. There are 3 types of avatars you can choose from, which are Teddy, Scully, and Komody as seen above. Each of them will come with a supply of 3,333 NFTs.

But what are the benefits though? As mentioned, 10% of the NFT sales will go to NFT2Metaverse. Out of this, all N2M NFT holders will receive a 40% cut of the total profits made by the platform on a monthly basis. What a significant stream of passive income!

What’s more, N2M NFT holders will get exclusive access to whitelist spots for the next NFT2Metaverse projects. Plus, holders will also receive discounts on all partner NFT collections. Not only that, but all N2M NFT holders will get to earn free airdrops from all N2M-related projects and access a holders-only Embassy in the metaverse.

How to make those big bucks in NFT2Metaverse.
Here’s how to make those big bucks, anon. Credit: NFT2Metaverse.

How to buy an N2M NFT

Since these NFTs boast plenty of utility to their holders, it is no wonder to see 1,900 of these NFTs were sold out during the private sale. Don’t worry if you missed out on the first round!

Yes, NFT2Metaverse will be offering another 5,999 of these NFTs during a Pre-Sale on June 10th at 2 PM CEST. Each NFT will cost 0.15 ETH for those on the Whitelist.

Luckily, getting a whitelist spot is simple. Just register your ETH wallet address on N2M’s official webpage – and that’s it! To know more about NFT2Metaverse and how you can become one of their early supporters, make sure you read the whitepaper and join their socials (Twitter/Discord) for the latest updates.

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